Annuities: Love or Hate? – Video

Annuities: Love or Hate?

Retirement Planner John Bubello, CFP® CRPS®, talks about the pro’s and con’s of annuities.


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The Markets & Your Retirement

It was approximately 16 months ago that we first discussed the coronavirus in these missives. At that time history was telling us that while viruses have a habit of forming frequently, rarely do they have effects on a global scale.      Covid-19 is an outlier.  ...

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SPACS, NFTs, and Other Jungle Creatures

“The American marketplace is an economic jungle. As in all jungles, you easily can be destroyed if you don’t know the rules of survival. … But you also can come through in fine shape and you can even flourish in the jungle—if you learn the rules, adapt them for your...

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GameStop & Your Retirement

There's no bigger story in 2021 than GameStop.   As social media powered Robinhood traders assault a large hedge fund there is quiet joy that Goliath is being slain by David.     The underdog is winning.  Or so it seems.   And while the frenzy continues...

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