John R. Bubello, Financial Advisor, CFP®, CRPS® 

I specialize in Retirement Planning & Investment Management and I want you to:


Worry less about financial matters


Avoid mistakes so many others have made before you


Have confidence in your plans


Maximize what your money can do for you


Have more free time to enjoy what matters most to you


Don’t let anyone over-complicate it.   I mean it.  Sure, decisions around retirement income planning, investments, social security, 401(k)s, IRAs, taxes, insurance, and estate planning can be complicated.  But, like working with an experienced home builder, professional guidance can keep complicated endeavors from being costly and confusing.  

I rarely talk about myself but I’d like to share where I came from.  The youngest of three, I had a modest upbringing in central Connecticut. Hands on from a young age, my father taught me to fix what’s broken and my mother taught me how to “play well” with others.  My brother, always challenging me to out save him, planted the seed with the gift of a mutual fund at age 15, providing my first exposure to investing.

Almost 20 years ago, after accumulating some assets early in life, my search for an advisor ended when friends and family made an observation:  “John you are the advisor.”  

Now over a decade later, I help clients, friends and family benefit from my first hand planning and investment experience.  And yes, I work with my family.  But no, no one has ever thrown stuffing at me during Thanksgiving.

On the weekend you’ll find me coaching my daughter’s soccer team, biking the Connecticut shoreline, skiing in VT(though out West is best!), or boating to a favorite location – Newport, Block Island, or Long Island.  Non-fiction, self-help, & business improvement books are a favorite and I have penchant for World War II history. I love podcasts, getting rid of unnecessary stuff and organizing the disorganized. I continuously work toward perfection both in my personal and professional life, while quietly recognizing it’s an elusive goal.

Make no assumptions. Instead “Think Again”.

During a never ending flow of outsized opinions...where opinion is news and the news is opinion, “Make no assumptions” may be the timeliest advice of all.    Political beliefs.  Life choices.  Retirement financial decisions.   For this reason a conversation...

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Annuities: Love or Hate? – Video

Retirement Planner John Bubello, CFP® CRPS®, talks about the pro's and con's of annuities.   Need to contact John, click here  More from the Retirement Income Blog...Copyright © 2020 | All Rights Reserved. John R. Bubello is an investment...

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Working Remotely With A Financial Advisor

I've been working remotely with clients for years. A natural evolution, I found it to be both cost-effective and time-efficient but also ideal for my clients. The pandemic accelerated the trend where advisers work with clients remotely.  I believe it's here to stay....

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