The Market Knows. Do You?

The stock market knows everything

Love it or hate it, the market “knows” everything.  In reality, “the market” has priced in everything you’ve seen on TV, read in a newspaper or discussed with a friend. So it’s unlikely that the market hasn’t considered your fear, your concern or your optimism.  

The market knows more than all of us individually because….


…collectively, we know more than we do individually.


The market considers things you’ve never read about.  It has considered the potential policies of our presidential candidates.  And it has priced in those policies proportionally based on the likelihood that each will win the election…plus various outcomes related to The House of Representatives and Senate, of course).   

And if the market is surprised, it reacts quickly… while you’re in a meeting, playing golf or having lunch with a friend.


Love it or hate it, tweet by tweet, the market adjusts….rapidly.


In short, investors don’t stand a chance at guessing when and from where the market’s next helping hand or painful punch is going arrive.  This is why we continue to recommend positioning your retirement portfolio to harness the power of markets’ broad expected outcomes, rather than the never-ending torrent of erratic incidents.



Illustration based on voluntary participation at client event hosted by a financial advisor, August 2013. Results audited by advisor.

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